Thursday, June 24, 2010

Music + LA

So, it was a random Wednesday night....but, I decided to spice it up a little...

What did I do, you ask? Its Wednesday, could something cool possibly be going down?

Yes, my friends. Fun things do exist in Los Angeles on a Wednesday night.

I thank my sister for dragging me with her to watch Tamar Kaprelian, Brendan James, and Boyce Avenue live at the Roxy. I listened to some very cool music and had a great time. If you ever find yourself bored in Los Angeles, make sure to check out the small concert scene we have (think the Roxy, Whiskey a Go Go, The Mint, The Viper Room...) here in Los Angeles. You'd really be surprised!

For one, these concerts are extremely intimate, so you don't have to squint or take binoculars to see the performer on stage. You'd actually see them singing (not lip-syncing :]) on stage with their heart and soul. As an audience member, you will view an extremely inspiring panorama. Plus, each ticket will cost you no more than $20....$60-$100 less than those "mainstream" Staples Center concerts we attend. Take my word for it'd have nothing short of a great time!

Also, I gotta give some love to the most amazing singer/songwriter I've ever seen perform live, Tamar Kaprelian. She's a gem! I got to listen to her sing and was fortunate enough to meet her after her show. I loved her cover of "A Whole New World," and you guys would love "New Day" or "Sinner or A Saint." She's got my seal of approval, check her out Los Angelenos! For more about Tamar, please visit

Have you ever seen a cool underground band that we should check out? Let me know!! Until next time folks...ROCK ON ;)


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

LA Fashion: KEEMIA

Since I've dedicated this blog to everything and anything Los Angeles, I thought hey, why not tell my loyal readers about an up and coming designer (and Trojan alumna, Fight On!) based out of LA, KEEMIA.

Launched in Winter 2005 by Keemia Ferasat, the KEEMIA label focuses on designing clothing contemporary dresses, giving me a vibe of of old-Hollywood meets LA hipster style.

My favorite KEEMIA pieces are pictured above. The Joelle dress, which can be found under the Spring 2010 collection, is absolutely breathtaking! I love the classic lace detail on the upper portion of the dress, which goes back to what I was saying with the juxtaposition KEEMIA places in her clothing. Lace is always elegant, but the fact that the lace follows the current "one-shoulder" trend makes it all the more alluring!

The head designer and owner of the label, Keemia, mentions on her website, "The KEEMIA woman is feminine, at ease with herself, and chic." There is a visible presence of the preceding quote within her clothing, and at this rate, I see nothing but a successful future for the KEEMIA label.

KEEMIA clothing can be purchased at various boutiques in LA and all over the USA. Please visit her site,, for more information.

I may be no Coco Chanel or Rachel Zoe, but hey, I live in LA, and we definitely love fashion here! Take my advice, fellow Los Angelenos. You'd be very happy with what you'll find with KEEMIA.

Until Next time, stay classy and GO LAKERS!


Los Angelista

P.S. FYI, Salvatore Ferragamo was a USC alum, cool huh?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Love LA?

So, its been a while....

So much has gone on in my life within the past couple of months and, frankly, I don't know why I haven't been updating this blog of mine. Hope I haven't disappointed you readers...I'm positive I have so much more in tune for the summer! Expect some good posts about some good restaurants, shopping and more!

That said, school is officially done, summer has begun and I still have a zillion things to do. But hey, would I still be a Los Angeleno if I didn't? Nah. Our life is centered around to-do lists galore in LA. It would be nice to stray away from that for a while...

Actually folks, I just recently returned from a magnificent trip to the concrete jungle(New York City for all of you who don't know) and all I can say is WOW, LA, we hardly knew ye. It's a city overflowing with people, entertainment, and above all, vivacity. There's really nothing you can't do. Amazing food, shopping, people, sights; you name it, they got it people!

If you haven't been, I truly recommend you put a trip to the Big Apple on your to-do list. It's well worth it...and hey, I'm always here for advice/recommendations whenever needed.

So, my confession for this post is that I think I've definitely had a change of heart. LA is SO not cool anymore, well, at least for now. We need to revamp this city ASAP(the fact that doesn't help is that we're completely broke :/ doesn't seem like that could happen in the near future). But hey, if we could, what would your suggestions be? How can we liven up LA?

Until next time,


Los Angelista