Sunday, December 26, 2010

Walk it Out!

My Fellow Los Angelenos,

I'm back.

YES! After a long period of silence, I've decided to brush the dust off my keyboard and get back to blogging. Oh, how I've missed it!

Since I have a short break, I promise that I will spend more time writing about my experiences/thoughts/feelings about our wonderful hometown. In the meanwhile, I'd like to share one thing I've discovered about being a true Los we ever get any down time?! My never-ending mental checklist gets overwhelming. I don't think you can be a true Los Angeleno if you don't have's all the rage!

To drift away from my incessant ranting, I thought I'd discuss the importance of walking with you all.

..."Walking," you say? This activity might be a little foreign to all us L.A. natives since we call our vehicles our "home away from home." I feel like I drive more than I walk! But my friends, there is a solution....

Imagine this.....

You come home from work/school/a long day or you wake up to a bright, sunshiny (typical) Los Angeles morning. Instead of sitting in front of the TV with your favorite snack, grab your camera and head straight for the door! There's a world out there waiting to be discovered.

I decided to take a walk with my family just this afternoon and it turned out to be a wonderful experience. I had no idea that my own backyard held one of the most beautiful landscapes ever. We walked towards the hills, took a couple of stellar photos, discovered a lot of citrus trees, and had many interesting conversations that enabled us to bond on a new level. All we had to do was walk. What an amazing, novel concept for Los Angelenos! Some of the photos I've posted above are from our lovely "mini-vacation." Plus, it's good for your health! Did you know...a daily walk would decrease your chances of developing breast cancer by 20%, heart disease by 30%, and diabetes by 50%? Live a healthy and long life by simply walking. It sounds easy enough, right?!

With that folks, I hope this post has encouraged you to drop those car keys, save yourself some gas and release some of that L.A. tension by taking a step into the unknown...local streets, the beach, or any place you've always wanted to visit. Just don't forget your camera! You don't want to miss out on capturing some pretty cool memories.

AND...If you need some inspiration, feel free to browse through ....The website will give you a list of some popular L.A. walking trails (consider it the Yelp for walkers). I found it just for you, enjoy!

Until next time, cheers to the good health + awesome pictures we'll get from walking!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Be a Hero This Week...TALK!

Hello to all you Los Angelenos,

I thought I'd give you something to think about as this week comes to an end....maybe you can give me your 2 cents? You know that it's always appreciated.

Here we go.....

This semester, I'm taking a class where I have to make a presentation, something I've done a million and a half times already. Woo hoo, surprise surprise, I know. But this one happens to be very different. Main point: it's about getting a grant for a charity that's near and dear to my heart. This, my friends, is not your average class presentation with a rinky-dink PowerPoint presentation; it's about contributing to the greater-good.

I was confused when I received this assignment. With so many organizations out there, which one would I choose? And being a Los Angelena myself, it's easy to get in a war with my infinite list of to-do's. I decided to do some soul searching, which lead me to research an issue that I was a part of not too long ago.

It is estimated that just last year in 2009, 20,000+ women and girls were raped by militant forces. This number disgusts me and should disgust all women and men across borders. I'm still shocked. Here I am in this beautiful city and 9, 399 miles away, 50+ women and girls are getting raped on the daily. Although there are a zillion issues that have taken over this planet, this one has become personal for me.

V-Day was able to break ground in the building of their City of Joy, a transformational community and rehabilitation center within the region of Bukavu, just south of the main area of sexual violence, Kivu. Although this center is a brilliant idea, it can only treat 180 women a year, only .04% of the estimated rape victims. There's an effort being made, but people united work greater than a single individual can. Can you imagine 20 or 30 of these centers for rape victims in the DRC? A little bit of optimism/idealism never hurt anyone...I hope and pray this will be accomplished one day.

Living in Los Angeles, it's so easy to get caught up with traffic, work, school, family among an infinite list of things. But think how good you'll feel if you save at least one woman's/girl's life in the DRC. That extra hour in traffic won't matter anymore. I'm not asking you to buy a ticket to the Congo and save the world; I'm asking you to be a hometown hero in Los Angeles. Research an issue that's prevalent in society and to find at least one way to help out by the end of this week. Being a humanitarian, if only for an hour, is like chicken soup; It'll be good for your soul.

If you can't contribute financially, don't worry, just talk about it. There is nothing like enlightening a friend or family member with some startling information about a globally detrimental issue. The word will spread people, trust me, this is Los Angeles...We hate to be silent here.....

This week, ask yourself what you will shout out loud and stand for. The answer might surprise you.

Until next time Los Angelenos, stay classy and educate yourselves!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ich Liebe Wurstküche!

Little Tokyo, the last place you'd consider finding an exotic German sausage grill...

Well folks, past the copious sushi and noodle houses, between 3rd and 4th st., you'll find an extraordinary restaurant called Wurstküche.

Thanks to a recommendation from a good friend, I decided to take my cousins from the East Coast on a field trip Downtown, so they could see what the real Los Angeles looked like. Rest assured, they were totally pleased. We reminisced of SoHo and the cobblestone buildings as we roamed the Art's District to find Wurstküche.

It wasn't difficult to find the restaurant because of the long line filled with excited beer/sausage lovers. We soon joined them and asked around for some recommendations. I decided to get the Green Chilies sausage with spicy peppers and grilled onions on top. I soon found out that I had made a "safe" decision. Among the chicken, turkey, and pork links, Wurstküche features some pretty exotic sausages...ones filled with duck, buffalo, alligator, and rabbit. Because I am a pretty picky eater, I was hesitant to try. But, by all means, if you have a broad palette, try the "exotic" sandwiches out, I've heard they're really good!

The menu also features 42 types of beer on tap/bottled, from Germany to Belgium, England, and North America. Ask the host up front and he'll give you a great one to try out with the sausage you choose. You also have to try out their amazing Belgian fries with the array of dipping sauces. My mouth is watering just writing about this!! This place gets a zillion thumbs up from me, my boyfriend, and my two East Coast cousins that tried Wurstküche out.

After ordering, take a trip down the hallway to enter their "communal" dining room with tables that'll get you chatting with strangers. It's an experience that's definitely worth it. If eating on this "shared" table is not your cup of tea, you can sit outside and view an amazing panorama of Downtown L.A.'s buildings.

With it's warm and hip environment, exotic foods/drinks, and chic architecture, Wurstküche is bringing contemporary and modern vibes back into L.A. Go there with a group of friends to celebrate, on a date, or by yourself for a good time. You won't regret it, Los Angelenos!

Until next time, Auf Wiedersehen!


P.S. Here's the Wurstküche website for more info:

Saturday, August 21, 2010

To Die For: TAKAMI

The streets of Los Angeles, filled with sushi restaurants, some more glamorous or grittier than others....but, have you every thought of looking above those streets for one of the best Japanese restaurants in town?

You're probably thinking I have lost it, folks...But, let me reassure you, I'm serious....

Advice: Go stand on the corner of Wilshire and Flower in Downtown and tilt your head towards the sky. On top of that majestic building you're standing beside is Takami Sushi & Robata.

Take the elevator to the 21st floor of the building and enter one of the most hippest locations in Los Angeles, smack-dab in the middle of the Financial District. The interior of Takami is uber-woodsy, modern, and chic. Take a seat on a tree stump and sip on a Gin & Tonic, or step outside to the balcony to see a glittering panorama of Downtown Los Angeles. It's quite mesmerizing.....

The prices are pretty affordable; the menu's stocked with delicious sushi, robata, special plates, and more. Whether you want to take your lady on a date or celebrate a birthday, Takami will definitely provide a wonderful and cozy atmosphere. So, friends...strap on those heels and button up those shirts, Takami's waiting! absolutely cannot leave the restaurant without trying their Lemon Albacore Roll....It's the most refreshing thing you'll ever eat! If you're visiting L.A...put Takami on your to-see list. It's, like, totally worth it! (spoken like a true Los Angeleno, haha)

Takami is located on 811 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 2100, Los Angeles, CA 90071, (213) 236-9600...visit‎ for more!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Music + LA

So, it was a random Wednesday night....but, I decided to spice it up a little...

What did I do, you ask? Its Wednesday, could something cool possibly be going down?

Yes, my friends. Fun things do exist in Los Angeles on a Wednesday night.

I thank my sister for dragging me with her to watch Tamar Kaprelian, Brendan James, and Boyce Avenue live at the Roxy. I listened to some very cool music and had a great time. If you ever find yourself bored in Los Angeles, make sure to check out the small concert scene we have (think the Roxy, Whiskey a Go Go, The Mint, The Viper Room...) here in Los Angeles. You'd really be surprised!

For one, these concerts are extremely intimate, so you don't have to squint or take binoculars to see the performer on stage. You'd actually see them singing (not lip-syncing :]) on stage with their heart and soul. As an audience member, you will view an extremely inspiring panorama. Plus, each ticket will cost you no more than $20....$60-$100 less than those "mainstream" Staples Center concerts we attend. Take my word for it'd have nothing short of a great time!

Also, I gotta give some love to the most amazing singer/songwriter I've ever seen perform live, Tamar Kaprelian. She's a gem! I got to listen to her sing and was fortunate enough to meet her after her show. I loved her cover of "A Whole New World," and you guys would love "New Day" or "Sinner or A Saint." She's got my seal of approval, check her out Los Angelenos! For more about Tamar, please visit

Have you ever seen a cool underground band that we should check out? Let me know!! Until next time folks...ROCK ON ;)


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

LA Fashion: KEEMIA

Since I've dedicated this blog to everything and anything Los Angeles, I thought hey, why not tell my loyal readers about an up and coming designer (and Trojan alumna, Fight On!) based out of LA, KEEMIA.

Launched in Winter 2005 by Keemia Ferasat, the KEEMIA label focuses on designing clothing contemporary dresses, giving me a vibe of of old-Hollywood meets LA hipster style.

My favorite KEEMIA pieces are pictured above. The Joelle dress, which can be found under the Spring 2010 collection, is absolutely breathtaking! I love the classic lace detail on the upper portion of the dress, which goes back to what I was saying with the juxtaposition KEEMIA places in her clothing. Lace is always elegant, but the fact that the lace follows the current "one-shoulder" trend makes it all the more alluring!

The head designer and owner of the label, Keemia, mentions on her website, "The KEEMIA woman is feminine, at ease with herself, and chic." There is a visible presence of the preceding quote within her clothing, and at this rate, I see nothing but a successful future for the KEEMIA label.

KEEMIA clothing can be purchased at various boutiques in LA and all over the USA. Please visit her site,, for more information.

I may be no Coco Chanel or Rachel Zoe, but hey, I live in LA, and we definitely love fashion here! Take my advice, fellow Los Angelenos. You'd be very happy with what you'll find with KEEMIA.

Until Next time, stay classy and GO LAKERS!


Los Angelista

P.S. FYI, Salvatore Ferragamo was a USC alum, cool huh?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Love LA?

So, its been a while....

So much has gone on in my life within the past couple of months and, frankly, I don't know why I haven't been updating this blog of mine. Hope I haven't disappointed you readers...I'm positive I have so much more in tune for the summer! Expect some good posts about some good restaurants, shopping and more!

That said, school is officially done, summer has begun and I still have a zillion things to do. But hey, would I still be a Los Angeleno if I didn't? Nah. Our life is centered around to-do lists galore in LA. It would be nice to stray away from that for a while...

Actually folks, I just recently returned from a magnificent trip to the concrete jungle(New York City for all of you who don't know) and all I can say is WOW, LA, we hardly knew ye. It's a city overflowing with people, entertainment, and above all, vivacity. There's really nothing you can't do. Amazing food, shopping, people, sights; you name it, they got it people!

If you haven't been, I truly recommend you put a trip to the Big Apple on your to-do list. It's well worth it...and hey, I'm always here for advice/recommendations whenever needed.

So, my confession for this post is that I think I've definitely had a change of heart. LA is SO not cool anymore, well, at least for now. We need to revamp this city ASAP(the fact that doesn't help is that we're completely broke :/ doesn't seem like that could happen in the near future). But hey, if we could, what would your suggestions be? How can we liven up LA?

Until next time,


Los Angelista

Monday, April 19, 2010

Quickie Before Work! COACHELLA recap...

Hello Fellow Los Angelinos/Readers!

Like the song, it is "just another manic Monday" isnt't it?

Well, for those of you who had the best weekends of your lives, (ehmm ehmm COACHELLA!) I wanted to hear about it. If you went any of the days, who was your favorite performer, or favorite ANYTHING that you would like to share. Was the line up as good as it seemed, or did some bands just suck? How was the crowd? Oh...soooo many questions to ask, but, I don't want to bombard you all with them...Just WRITE PLEASE!!!


Los Angelista

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's My Favorite Place, and I Mean It!

It's My Favorite Place, and I Mean It!

This post is LONG overdue, but, since I'm in the mood to rant and give you guys something interesting to read, I thought I'd tell you guys about my favorite restaurant in Los Angeles.

Located in the heart of Downtown L.A., on the corner of 7th and Grand to be exact, you'll find a restaurant with minimal decor from the outside, but, once you take a peak inside the endless sea of windows that surround it, you won't think twice about entering.

Once inside, Bottega Louie will give you the illusion that you're definitely not in Los Angeles anymore. It's vast interior is filled with an essence of modernity, minimalism, and French inspired design. The architecture, adorable pastries, marketplace, bar, and amazing food makes Bottega Louie my favorite place that I've visited thus far in Los Angeles. I never knew the city held such a gem right in it's center.

If you're planning on visiting, make sure you try the Bianco Pizzaa (cheese + garlic + arugula = HEAVEN!) and the array of gelato from Bulgarini (to die for!). Go there with a group of friends for any meal and expect great service along with a hip atmosphere. Trust me, you'll be going back for more.

What about you guys? Have you guys been there? What's your favorite dish/How was your experience? If not, tell me what your favorite L.A. eatery is and I'll put it on my list of places to see! I appreciate any and all advice...Until then....


Los Angelista

P.S. My new favorite song, The XX - Heart Skipped A Beat...LISTEN TO IT!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Where have I been?

It seems like it's been ages since I've update you all since my last post! Unfortunately, academic life hasn't been so kind to me this semester, and I'm trying to stay as sane as possible throughout the duration of this semester!!

Well, since I've been in the midst of all things stressful and hectic, I thought it would be a good idea to discuss what keeps all of us "stress-less."

Here's what I've done to keep me on point and somewhat happy:

  1. Watch my sappy TV shows (Gossip Girl, 90210)...A persons drama is another persons pleasure, even if it's not reality!
  2. Go shopping. Who said retail therapy wasn't the best thing ever!
  3. Visiting local beaches. THANK YOU PACIFIC OCEAN! The smell, the sound, the environment, the people...need I say more?
  4. Listen to a good song. A song that keeps me time and puts a smile on my face, Temper Trap's "Sweet Disposition." Just plug those white earphones, close your eyes, and watch the clouds. Yah, that might sound fruity to some of you, but, if you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, heed my word and try it out.
  5. And finally, take time out of your day and spend it with the ones you love. My boyfriend is my rock and savior. He really keeps me in check and prevents me from going mad. Talk to someone that actually listens, encourages, and motivates you to do better. It's quite therapeutic. (Thanks Alessandro :D).

Now, my avid followers, tell me what to do to de-stress? Any good ideas and activities you engage in to lighten up? Let me know. I would love to add to my list!


Los Angelista

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Road Well Traveled...

What's your first thought of having lunch in Downtown Los Angeles?

Well, mine involves eating those greasy, bacon wrapped street corner hot dogs with an unhealthy side of fries. It seems like those carts are stalking you around every street corner in L.A. I never thought anything classy, elegant, or modern could exist in this city (excuse me for my cynicism all you die hard Los Angelinos), until I took a walk.

Satuday afternoon, a couple of my sorority sisters and I decided to celebrate one of our sister's birthdays in Downtown at a famous eatery, Bottega Louie. Since it's Valentine's/President's Day weekend, we were greeted by a massive line of people. It seemed intimidating, especially because we didn't want to wait an hour to be seated, causing us to flee immediately.

Phones were taken out and google was being searched to find our next culinary destination. It's a shame, really. All of us pretty much grew up in Los Angeles, and, at that moment, we were at a loss for thoughts/ideas as to where we would head next. Names came up here and there, but calling the various restaurants/eateries that were researched, it seemed like there was an endless sea of waiting to eat in our future. My stomach was grumbling louder and louder by the moment! What were we going to do??

After wandering around for about an hour and a half, taking peeks inside cafes and restaurants and roaming the streets of L.A. mindlessly, we decided to take the "road well traveled." It was decided; we were to walk towards the Standard Hotel. I had never been there before, but, I was familiar with the Standard's reputation for a modern atmosphere and architecture. As we walked from Main St. to Flower, Downtown, for once in my life, seemed to be such a cool, hip, and happening place to be. I saw the unique things, people, stores, and culture this city had to offer. As much as we bickered and moaned about walking a couple of blocks instead of driving (typical Los Angelino behavior), discovering this city by foot deferred this day from being an experience, but created a full-fledged adventure for all of us.

Lunch at the Standard was delicious. I devoured my "croque monsiuer" sandwich (think prosciutto and cheese on fresh bread; something I had never tried before) and enjoyed the pleasant city scenery and atmosphere. I also loved the hidden juxtaposition the hotel had in it's interior design. It definitely had modern, futuristic attributes to the sight, but, you can't overlook the 1950s/60s decorations and adornments. It was something I appreciated; an establishment that's looking towards the future, but still respects the past. The rooftop, for a Saturday afternoon, was surrounded by young, thriving, and chic Los Angelinos that had come to have a drink and enjoy Downtown. The view from this rooftop was nothing short of breathtaking, filled with an extensive and luminous view of every high rise building . I highly recommend a visit to the Standard L.A. if you ever find yourself in the city; I guarantee you will have a great time!

Not to overburden you readers with a cheesy and sappy story of a nearly-perfect day, but, this episode will be a staple in my love for this city. As much as I felt like a tourist, I really got to know what the innards of Los Angeles are comprised of.

So, here's what I recommend for you this week. Don't be afraid to walk, you'll never know what you'll experience and stumble upon. And, while you're walking, make sure you take the time to observe and embrace your surroundings. You'll come out to be a better, more enlightened Los Angelino. Until next time...


Friday, February 12, 2010

RULE #1: Start Your Day Off With a Soundtrack....

Los Angelinos are bombarded by a zillion fires on a daily basis; fires that we can't seem to get a hold of and control. These fires could be initiated by stress, work, traffic (including terrible drivers :/) and life, among other things. This past week seemed like one of those weeks where I truly felt like I was living in a "gi-normous" wild fire with the weight of the world on my shoulders. I was so sick of feeling gloomy and depressed, so, I decided to take matters into my own hands and cheer myself up. I wanted to tame these fires that were causing an immense amount of lethargy in my life!

It was this morning that I shook the dust off of my iPod that had been rotting away on my desk. I downloaded one of my favorite, feel good songs of all time, "Young Folks" by Peter Bjorn and John, updated my iPod (AT LAST!) and headed out the door to some fresh California air and sunshine. My ten minute walk to campus was the one of the most technicolor experiences I've had thus far at USC. Everything seemed to be extremely bright, blooming, and animated. I decided to take the longer route as well, giving me a chance to admire the beautiful LA skyline (something I had never done before!).

With my personal and unique soundtrack playing in the backdrop as I walked to my first class, life felt pretty good. I was revived and ready for a productive day just by popping my headphones into my ears and pressing play. One of my favorite quotes in life is, "life sucks because there is no background music." I argue that if you take the responsibility of listening to at least 3 good songs in the morning, life won't suck.

I urge you to try this every morning. Tell me about your favorite song(s) to wake up to? By listening to your iPod on your way to work, school, or other events, has life been better? As always, you know I would love to hear from you! But, until then...


Los Angelista

Thursday, February 11, 2010


It's not New York City, Paris, or Tokyo, but, Los Angeles is chalk-full of life, culture, and surprises. Each street corner offers something new, something unexpected, or something you might love or hate. I was born and raised in this city, and, unfortunately, I don't know it as well as I should!

With that said, it's my goal to tell you, my readers, things about Los Angeles that I discover, experience, and eventually embrace. Hopefully, you'll come to love Los Angeles as much as I will by reading this blog. Feel free to recommend, write, interact, discuss, and advise me of things you admire about this city. I'll be sure to put them on my list of things to see/do.

With that said, I invite you take a peek into my life as a student and aspiring publicist living in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, CA.


Los Angelista