Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Road Well Traveled...

What's your first thought of having lunch in Downtown Los Angeles?

Well, mine involves eating those greasy, bacon wrapped street corner hot dogs with an unhealthy side of fries. It seems like those carts are stalking you around every street corner in L.A. I never thought anything classy, elegant, or modern could exist in this city (excuse me for my cynicism all you die hard Los Angelinos), until I took a walk.

Satuday afternoon, a couple of my sorority sisters and I decided to celebrate one of our sister's birthdays in Downtown at a famous eatery, Bottega Louie. Since it's Valentine's/President's Day weekend, we were greeted by a massive line of people. It seemed intimidating, especially because we didn't want to wait an hour to be seated, causing us to flee immediately.

Phones were taken out and google was being searched to find our next culinary destination. It's a shame, really. All of us pretty much grew up in Los Angeles, and, at that moment, we were at a loss for thoughts/ideas as to where we would head next. Names came up here and there, but calling the various restaurants/eateries that were researched, it seemed like there was an endless sea of waiting to eat in our future. My stomach was grumbling louder and louder by the moment! What were we going to do??

After wandering around for about an hour and a half, taking peeks inside cafes and restaurants and roaming the streets of L.A. mindlessly, we decided to take the "road well traveled." It was decided; we were to walk towards the Standard Hotel. I had never been there before, but, I was familiar with the Standard's reputation for a modern atmosphere and architecture. As we walked from Main St. to Flower, Downtown, for once in my life, seemed to be such a cool, hip, and happening place to be. I saw the unique things, people, stores, and culture this city had to offer. As much as we bickered and moaned about walking a couple of blocks instead of driving (typical Los Angelino behavior), discovering this city by foot deferred this day from being an experience, but created a full-fledged adventure for all of us.

Lunch at the Standard was delicious. I devoured my "croque monsiuer" sandwich (think prosciutto and cheese on fresh bread; something I had never tried before) and enjoyed the pleasant city scenery and atmosphere. I also loved the hidden juxtaposition the hotel had in it's interior design. It definitely had modern, futuristic attributes to the sight, but, you can't overlook the 1950s/60s decorations and adornments. It was something I appreciated; an establishment that's looking towards the future, but still respects the past. The rooftop, for a Saturday afternoon, was surrounded by young, thriving, and chic Los Angelinos that had come to have a drink and enjoy Downtown. The view from this rooftop was nothing short of breathtaking, filled with an extensive and luminous view of every high rise building . I highly recommend a visit to the Standard L.A. if you ever find yourself in the city; I guarantee you will have a great time!

Not to overburden you readers with a cheesy and sappy story of a nearly-perfect day, but, this episode will be a staple in my love for this city. As much as I felt like a tourist, I really got to know what the innards of Los Angeles are comprised of.

So, here's what I recommend for you this week. Don't be afraid to walk, you'll never know what you'll experience and stumble upon. And, while you're walking, make sure you take the time to observe and embrace your surroundings. You'll come out to be a better, more enlightened Los Angelino. Until next time...


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  1. Sounds like a wonderful adventure, I will make sure to visit The Standard next time I'm in Downtown.

    The same goes true for any place, walking reveals a more intimate side of, well, wherever you are. Be it a racing urban jungle or everyday suburbia, walking gets you that much more in touch with your surroundings. I recently decided to take a nice walk through my city (admittedly, suburbia) and was surprised by all the things I saw that simply get overlooked while driving through.

    I'm enjoying your blog, keep up the good work.