Friday, February 12, 2010

RULE #1: Start Your Day Off With a Soundtrack....

Los Angelinos are bombarded by a zillion fires on a daily basis; fires that we can't seem to get a hold of and control. These fires could be initiated by stress, work, traffic (including terrible drivers :/) and life, among other things. This past week seemed like one of those weeks where I truly felt like I was living in a "gi-normous" wild fire with the weight of the world on my shoulders. I was so sick of feeling gloomy and depressed, so, I decided to take matters into my own hands and cheer myself up. I wanted to tame these fires that were causing an immense amount of lethargy in my life!

It was this morning that I shook the dust off of my iPod that had been rotting away on my desk. I downloaded one of my favorite, feel good songs of all time, "Young Folks" by Peter Bjorn and John, updated my iPod (AT LAST!) and headed out the door to some fresh California air and sunshine. My ten minute walk to campus was the one of the most technicolor experiences I've had thus far at USC. Everything seemed to be extremely bright, blooming, and animated. I decided to take the longer route as well, giving me a chance to admire the beautiful LA skyline (something I had never done before!).

With my personal and unique soundtrack playing in the backdrop as I walked to my first class, life felt pretty good. I was revived and ready for a productive day just by popping my headphones into my ears and pressing play. One of my favorite quotes in life is, "life sucks because there is no background music." I argue that if you take the responsibility of listening to at least 3 good songs in the morning, life won't suck.

I urge you to try this every morning. Tell me about your favorite song(s) to wake up to? By listening to your iPod on your way to work, school, or other events, has life been better? As always, you know I would love to hear from you! But, until then...


Los Angelista

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