Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ich Liebe Wurstküche!

Little Tokyo, the last place you'd consider finding an exotic German sausage grill...

Well folks, past the copious sushi and noodle houses, between 3rd and 4th st., you'll find an extraordinary restaurant called Wurstküche.

Thanks to a recommendation from a good friend, I decided to take my cousins from the East Coast on a field trip Downtown, so they could see what the real Los Angeles looked like. Rest assured, they were totally pleased. We reminisced of SoHo and the cobblestone buildings as we roamed the Art's District to find Wurstküche.

It wasn't difficult to find the restaurant because of the long line filled with excited beer/sausage lovers. We soon joined them and asked around for some recommendations. I decided to get the Green Chilies sausage with spicy peppers and grilled onions on top. I soon found out that I had made a "safe" decision. Among the chicken, turkey, and pork links, Wurstküche features some pretty exotic sausages...ones filled with duck, buffalo, alligator, and rabbit. Because I am a pretty picky eater, I was hesitant to try. But, by all means, if you have a broad palette, try the "exotic" sandwiches out, I've heard they're really good!

The menu also features 42 types of beer on tap/bottled, from Germany to Belgium, England, and North America. Ask the host up front and he'll give you a great one to try out with the sausage you choose. You also have to try out their amazing Belgian fries with the array of dipping sauces. My mouth is watering just writing about this!! This place gets a zillion thumbs up from me, my boyfriend, and my two East Coast cousins that tried Wurstküche out.

After ordering, take a trip down the hallway to enter their "communal" dining room with tables that'll get you chatting with strangers. It's an experience that's definitely worth it. If eating on this "shared" table is not your cup of tea, you can sit outside and view an amazing panorama of Downtown L.A.'s buildings.

With it's warm and hip environment, exotic foods/drinks, and chic architecture, Wurstküche is bringing contemporary and modern vibes back into L.A. Go there with a group of friends to celebrate, on a date, or by yourself for a good time. You won't regret it, Los Angelenos!

Until next time, Auf Wiedersehen!


P.S. Here's the Wurstküche website for more info:

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